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Tepezcohuite Pomade Pomada de Tepescohuite Negra  4 oz
Regular price: $8.95
Sale price: $5.94
HARVE$T $ALE !!!!  $38 per lb  Navajo Tea Indian Tea Cota Thelasperma Herb Yabanah Fresh Harvest
Regular price: $5.00
Sale price: $3.00
Tepezcohuite Powder  or Mimosa Tenuiflora Never Adulterated
Prodigiosa  leaves or Brickellia Grandiflora  1 lb
Regular price: $15.00
Sale price: $6.94
Palo de Brasil 1 lb  Heanatoxylum Brasiletto
Regular price: $14.00
Sale price: $6.49
Quina Roja Cinchona Bark  Peruvian bark
Regular price: $6.00
Sale price: $3.50
Damiana Herb cut and sifted
Regular price: $3.00
Sale price: $2.00
Loose Green & White Tea
Cuachalalate 1 lb
Regular price: $15.00
Sale price: $7.54
ARNICA  bulk  herb   cut and sifted
Regular price: $12.00
Sale price: $8.00
Yerba Buena   Spearmint  Whole Leaf  8 oz  1 lb
Regular price: $8.00
Sale price: $5.00
Mugwort   or  Altamisa or Estafiate  Cut and Sifted
Regular price: $10.00
Sale price: $6.00
Bittermelon Powder Kosher Certified Starwest Botanicals1 lb
Regular price: $17.00
Sale price: $14.25
Wereke 500 mg  150 capsules
Regular price: $15.00
Sale price: $10.83
Cuachalalate 30 teabags per box

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Natural Health Supplements and Wellness Center for healing' 'yur mind,body and spirit. We stock hard to find items and cater to high quality items so you do not waste your money. We prefer to only charge you our actual cut and dry discounted flat rate shipping rates.In this times of hard economy, shipping rates had gone up dramatically and continuously changes each day. So , we will start charging you the ACTUAL BEST SHIPPING rate we could have for you, plus excellent item purchase prices !


"This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease" Please note that we are not advocating that people stop using their normal medication, but would like to make people aware that some alternative therapies can be very effective to help treat problems and create a healthier, younger and more vital you.- Applies to all herbal and supplement products. We encourage everyone to seek the aid of a qualified health practitioner for advice pertaining to her/ his particular condition and needs. For more reliable herbal information and other supplements, please go to :

Click here for Herb Information click here for Health Information

Orders totaling over $99/under 7 lbs - *** Shipping is FREE !!! (see exceptions) (bulk discount rates)

For high volume order discounts, please feel free to call us! Mailing Address : 632 Lakeview Cir SE, Rio Rancho,NM 87124

Store Phone / Landline (505) 994-0098

***This rules applies to high $$$ purchases- subject to availability ; you will be charged as you place your order. It is our way of saying thanks to giving us the business and maybe you can do business as well. ***


Low shipping rates

STARTS at $4.50 less than 13 oz First class Mail

Flat rates shipped USPS Priority Mail

$ 9.95 less than 5 lbs

all others $12.95

$10 minimum purchase required

***** shipped USPS Priority Mail *****

PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR LINK on our Shipping Policy.

If your order is over $99, a FREE SHIPPING OPTION will be determined by us, if we need to use USPS priority mail for smaller packages or UPS for larger sized boxes. FREE shipping options WILL NOT APPLY to orders weighing MORE than 7 LBS ---- examples- gallon items ---however, you will ONLY be charged complimentary $5.00 depending on total weight.


CANADA 2 lbs First Class Mail $17

CANADA 2 lbs USPS Priority $32

CANADA 5 lbs USPS Priority $40

All other Countries : We only ship to Algeria, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, France, Metropolitan, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Vatican City, Virgin Islands (U.S.)

2 lbs USPS Priority $48

5 lbs USPS Priority $60

More than 5 lbs to be calculated

Be healthy this spring season and get ahead of the allergy season ! Boost your immune system with inexpensive powerful supplements like Vitamin D3, OSHA, Wild cherry bark, echinacea, goldenseal , Vit. C, Green tea and so many others.

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*********************************************************** From Alana Monday, February 2, 2015 Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating:Excellent Shipping Options Rating:Excellent Delivery Rating:Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Excellent Title: Body:I was very happy with the herbs, they arrived promptly and were what I had hoped for. Thanks for providing this service- I've been looking for greenthread and couldn't find it locally. ******************

From Dorothy Feb. 02,2015

Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating:Good Shipping Options Rating:Good Delivery Rating:Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Excellent Title: Body:l can only say that from the time l found what l wanted and made an order l had a notice to say that i had been posted so prompt and being at Christmas time l was very impressed. My package arrived very quickly on international delivery and in perfect condition. very satisfied customer. Dorothy


From: Karen Schaeffer Subject: Re: order yhst-11849160070637-2088 from HealinGifts To: "HealinGifts" Date: Thursday, May 5, 2011, 6:36 PM

Thank you. Your customer service is out of this world!! The shipping was a little expensive tho, I think. It was more than half the price of the cuachalalate.maybe if we will reorder it by 5or 10 lb pkgs, we can find a cheaper rate? Thanks again, Karen


Re: order yhst-11849160070637-1972 from HealinGifts Monday, May 2, 2011 7:02 AM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "anne may"

To: orderz@healingifts.com Thanks maria. I appreciate you being so present and personable. anne

************************************************************ WE SHIP INTERNATIONAL WHERE PERMITTED !

From: "Julia " On-line customer Order from Finland

Wed, 25 Jun 2008 16:09:40 +0300 To: michael@healingifts.com Subject: Fwd: Re: TADIN Zendo Dieter's tea 12, 25 or 50 Tea Bags Hello! Yesterday I got my package! Came very fast!, all is ok! :) Thank you very much



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